The Australian Latin American Young Professionals Inc. (ALAYP) is a registered not-for-profit organisation aimed at fostering networks among Latin American and Australian qualified individuals to optimise career progression, generate work opportunities and serve as platform for entrepreneurship and business development.

Who we are

Our vision

Unleash the human potential between Australia and Latin America.

Our mission

To empower relations among Latin America and Australia with a special focus on individual's career development and entrepreneurship goals, by:

  • Facilitating meaningful connections between Latin American professionals and the broader Australian community.


  • Creating awareness of cross-region opportunities regarding industry, government and education.


  • Advocating for change to relieve systemic challenges.


  • Delivering strategic social impact projects and initiatives.

The Team

Esteban Gomez- President


Andrea Diaz- Secretary


Claudia Sepulveda- Communications and Marketing


Daniel Espejel- Event Management


Michael Twycross - University Engagement


Andres Ramirez- Treasurer